Hello this is my first bep20 smart contract

hello this is my first bep20 smart contract i want to freeze and lock contract and address for a while
like i want to stop this address to trade with my token for six month or something
how can i do this
is it from solidity (remix ide) or from somewhere else and show me an example to know how to use it exactly
and thanks

Hey! So I am not a professional! but you could use this generator from openzeppelin: https://wizard.openzeppelin.com/
click on the "pausable" box. Also enter the amount of tokens at "premint". After that you can deploy the contract. search the contract up on etherscan or bscscan or whatever. verify your contract and go to the write tab after you've done with the verifying. click on pause. now the tokens are paused. no one can sell, buy, trade or whatever
(never used it so there could be some wrong infos)