Hello from remix / truffle hell!

I love Open Zeppelin’s huge library of plugins and supporting blogs, but I would love even more it if I didn’t have to fight with aggravating sites Remix IDE and Truffle. Currently I am in REMIX HELL because it refuses to recognize open Zeppelin interfaces, yet Open Zeppellin continues to recommend Remix as if there’s no issues. Sure I can use a few of the alternative “smart contract” platforms but after the two months it took me to learn Solidity and have no desire to learn another programming language.

I am here to make money from Defi flash swaps, flash mints, and flash loans, basically anything that’s flashing I want in, but these endless error messages from REMIX & TRUFFLE have become my barrier of entry. Though I appreciate the simplicity of your Contract Wizard it’s very apparent that ‘The Wizard’ is for cookie cutter examples and not more complex contracts.


Are there any plans to have launch a true platform for complex smart contract deployment where I can stay within the Open Zeppelin environment from beginning to end - from compiler to Etherscan? What about an hourly rate lessons with Zeppelin’s a tutoring squad? HERE TAKE MY MONEY AND TEACH ME!!!

Sorry for the rant but I’m losing it down here…
TJ in New Orleans

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Hi, welcome! :wave:

Thanks for your favor of the Contract Wizard, I think it is a tool that can let people create contract quickly without writing code to have a test. The simpler the contract, the less likely it is to go wrong. For a complex contract, you have got to write every line by yourself, and have enough test. You can use Truffle or Hardhat to test and deploy the contracts.