Has anyone implemented EIP 2981

has anyone implemented EIP-2981: NFT Royalty Standard?


I was looking for some example code before I tried to implement myself.


have you succeeded to find the implementation?

you can find an example here: dievardump/EIP2981-implementation: Repository that shows how to easily implement EIP2981 (github.com)

and a good article here: Exploring the NFT Royalty Standard (EIP-2981) | Gemini

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@scottsuhy what would i send on _setRoyalties if i want to take 1 percentange on every sale i tried different option but still fail those things

There's my repo, in the running for doing this...

Also it's on the discussion board... so who knows, if it wins I'll push my repo to OpenZeppelin.


Is this working? When will OZ support EIP-2981 with royalty?


plus when it'll be on the contract wizard? :slight_smile:

it's at least 30k in gas to implement if you do one mapping, 60k in gas for a double mapping.

Unless you do a struct, and map the struct... 30k in gas...

Been trying to breakdown the NFT minting process to reduce gas costs, on top of EIP 2981

Any news on this? Would love to have this implemented with ERC721 or 1155

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This is a pretty good article on 2981.
Have you found any new data on the topic? I want to implement royalties on every mint but don't know where these royalties are even going.

Hi @Jalapina, we are also trying to make this work here. Have you found a way to implement this?

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I'm implementing this now and wondering if it can be this simple:

	uint16 internal constant _DEFAULT_ROYALTY_BASIS = 250; // 2.5%

    // erc2981 interface
    function royaltyInfo(uint _tokenId, uint _salePrice) external view returns (address receiver, uint royaltyAmount) {
        return (payable(owner()), uint((_salePrice * _DEFAULT_ROYALTY_BASIS)/10000));

All the examples I see set these values on a per token basis, but I'm inclined to make the recipient and royalty basis fixed and eliminate the overhead of tracking these values per token.

Will this cause any problems with the marketplaces that sell my ERC721 tokens (NFTs)?

I will probably introduce the an address royaltyAddress and uint royaltyBasis with setters available to only the contract owner, so I can change who receives the royalties and probably reduce them over time. But it would still be one formula that works for all tokens.

Any issues that I'm not considering here?

You can find example implementations here: https://github.com/dievardump/EIP2981-implementation
But be careful these are only created for testing.

Any implementation that could be used for production already, with an ERC2981interface bytecode ?