HardHat TypeError: Cannot read property 'replace' of undefined

I’m trying to deploy a proxy with hardhat upgrades, but I get this error.

Not too sure how to progress from here.

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

It seems like you do not write correctly, I think when you deploy contracts, it should be

const ERC20 = await ethers.getContractFactory("Token");
const erc20 = await ERC20.deploy(
await erc20.deployed();
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they don’t have name, symbol & decimal in the constructor

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I mean it should be 3 steps:

await ethers.getContractFactory("xxx")

Hi @lucusra,

I assume DHedgeFactory has an initialize function that takes three parameters (which is why you haven’t specified the initialize function name). I would console.log the parameters prior to calling deployProxy to check your parameters.

I assume the error is in your test. I would print out the value of await factory.getDaoAddress

As @Skyge advised, you should add an await factory.deployed(). See the documentation for details: https://docs.openzeppelin.com/upgrades-plugins/1.x/hardhat-upgrades#script-usage

As an aside, screen shots of code are much harder to read, it would be much easier if you posted code snippets, along with any outputs showing errors. See: Format code in the forum


Got it to work now. I added the deployed() to everything & console logged the addresses (they were exactly the same).

Turns out I had
expect((await factory.getDaoAddress()).to.equal(dao.address));
instead of
expect(await factory.getDaoAddress()).to.equal(dao.address);
which was causing the errors…

Pesky brackets :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hi @lucusra,

That happens all the time :smile:.
I generally use console.log and break up the code to track it down, but also spend a fair amount of time banging my head against JavaScript syntax.

Glad you were able to resolve.

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I’m definitely going to be using console.log a lot more now. Seems like the only way to display what’s actually happening. Better than keeping track of everything in my head :smile:

I’m not too familiar with JS either, primarily smart contracts, so that may be another reason :stuck_out_tongue:

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