Hardhat-deploy with UUPS?

Hey all, I was trying to get some hand-on experience on upgradeable contracts. I usually use the hardhat-deploy package by wighawag for deploying contracts. However, it seems like didn't mention how it integrates with the UUPS proxy for deploying upgradeable contracts.

Here explained how hardhat-deploy deploy upgradeable contract while it only discussed the OpenZeppelinTransparentProxy and Diamonds(EIP2535)

I have then searched around it's issues and found an issue about working around uups with hardhat-deploy here; yet, it seems like didn't come up a solution.

I would like to ask if anyone tried to deploy uups upgradeable with hardhat-deploy?

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I have also been looking for documentation on how to deploy with UUPS pattern.
Perhaps these links will help you:
OZ docs
Youtube tutorial with demo

I am looking for a way to deploy a custom proxy that I wrote that inherits from the UUPS contract with some additional features. Haven't found a way to do that yet...

Good luck

Additional link:
Same tutorial from above in blog format

@laub1199 The recommended approach is to use the OpenZeppelin Hardhat Upgrades plugin as @wildb mentioned. It does not really integrate with the hardhat-deploy package, but according to this comment, you can use the Hardhat Upgrades plugin to deploy/upgrade, and then save it to the hardhat-deploy deployments.