GovernorTimelockController wont execute a queued proposal (custom error FailedInnerCall)

Testing smart contracts on HRE and I keep getting a Error when trying to execute a successful proposal that has been queued. The proposal state is 5, the queued proposal is executable, and the executing account has the Timelock executor role.Funnily enough the script had previously worked. What is causing this error?

Have you made sure the accounts called when executing the proposal don't revert?

This error is thrown through when the revert reason couldn't be determined from the target.

Hi sir, I'm having the same above issue when executing the proposal after queued it. I have not know what you mean yet.

The error points you at Governor.sol:418:

// Governor.sol:418
_executeOperations(proposalId, targets, values, calldatas, descriptionHash);

which is:

function _executeOperations(
    uint256 /* proposalId */,
    address[] memory targets,
    uint256[] memory values,
    bytes[] memory calldatas,
    bytes32 /*descriptionHash*/
) internal virtual {
    for (uint256 i = 0; i < targets.length; ++i) {
        (bool success, bytes memory returndata) = targets[i].call{value: values[i]}(calldatas[i]);
        Address.verifyCallResult(success, returndata);

FailedInnerCall means the target call is reverting. The issue seems to rely on the target, not the Governor.