Gnosis Safe OpenZeppelin Application Not Working

We are attempting to use the OpenZeppelin app via gnosis safe to upgrade our contracts. When we input the two required addresses all i see is the following loading. We have tried this using Chrome and Microsoft edge. The console also has the following errors.

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Hi @OlypsisAli,

Please open an issue on and provide information on how to reproduce the error, including which network you are using and paste the addresses that cause the error.


@ericglau None of the github issues associated to the app have been replied to. Can I have any reasonable expectation this will be addressed?

@OlypsisAli We will look into the issue and get back to you. Thank you for providing the details on GitHub.

Hey @OlypsisAli I'm able to reproduce it, will try to diagnose and fix it asap. Will continue the conversation on the issue, thanks for creating it.