Generate URIs for 200 animations each having a static cover image for JSON file

The 200 animations and their respective static image to present in an Opensea collection are complete. I am not generating those.

I need to work the animations and images with the JSON files. The code of adding the static images is unknown to me.

Some examples of how to work with static images I have seen whether generating images with Hashlips or uploading an image files folder and JSON files folder to NFT.Storage. I will be using NFT.Storage and its uploader. The problem is those are not inclusive of animations. My actual NFTs are for the animations.

If I were to simply hit Create on Opensea and add animations each one would be required to have an outtake as a "cover image" for want of the terminology. I like the idea of a cover image to my animations in my presentation.

I am using the openZeppelin Wizard to create my smart contract along with Remix IDE and Visual Studio Code.

I am new to this and climbing the steep learning curve as fast as I can. Thank you in advance for all the help.

PS Happy St Patrick's Day!

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