Gasless token contracts (ERC20 & ERC777) for Gas Station Network?

I’m working on a project that will use Gas Stations Network/tabookey-gasless to transfer tokens without gas fees.

I’m curious if anyone has rewritten the OpenZeppelin ERC777 contract to use tabookey?


Hello again @dmihal, it’s great to see people working on such cool projects!

Funny thing, I’m in the process if adding GSN support to not only ERC777 but all OpenZeppelin contracts :slight_smile: We’ll also be providing utilities to help you develop (and test!) your own contracts, along with guides and tutorials to cover their usage, making adoption as easy as possible.

This is not yet ready for the prime time, but stay tuned and expect an announcement very soon! :rocket:


Thanks @nventuro, I’m looking forward to seeing the new contracts!

I guess I’ll write my own for the meantime, and switch to the OpenZeppelin contracts once they’re ready :slight_smile: