Gas estimation for proxied functions

We have an upgradable contract based on the ZOS proxies model but we’re having issue with the gas estimation of it’s methods (using ganache). Metmask for example gives an absurd gas estimation, and only after adjusting it manually the Tx can be mined. Before having the proxy, there same method was working properly. Any thoughts?
We also tried with web3 (1.0) estaimate gas, similar result, almout infinite gas…

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Hi @jmendiola222

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There is an issue with ganache and gas estimation.

As a workaround until this is fixed, you can:

  • Set a reasonable block gas limit to ganache (8M is good)
  • Set a gas value in your truffle.js config file for the local network

What version of ZeppelinOS and ganache are you using?

Hi @jmendiola222 did the workaround allow you to move forward or are you still having issues?