Fund manager / pool / vault smart contract examples

I am developing a DeFi product that has a fund manager / pool smart contract.

  • Pool holds different tokens

  • Pool trades these tokens on decentralised exchanges (Uniswap / SushiSwap)

  • Pool accepts deposits from investors and issues share tokens back (similar to LP tokens in liquidity pools)

I am asking what existing smart contracts do you know having some or all of this functionality?

I am aware of Enzyme protocol. I would use them as is, but they 1) do not support assets I want to trade 2) they are not available on EVM chains I am targetting.

I am aware that there needs to be a price feed to calculate the shares for new deposits. However for this use case, I can get a reliable price feed on-chain / off-chain myself and I do not need to rely services like ChainLink, making my use case simpler.