Forum issues?

Just wondering if there was an upgrade on the forums lately, most of the time I can't click topics anymore or scroll in topics :confused:

Might have something to do with that d-splash element but haven't looked into it as i'm here most of the time on chrome mobile without issues. Just became useless on desktop chrome :frowning:

And yes, I am running adblockers so a lot of stuff gets blocked.

What do you mean by this?

We haven't made any changes recently. Let us know if it persists.

It wasn't specific to OpenZeppelin forums specifically but an general problem with "Discourse" forums and the chrome extension "Super Dark Mode". Even though the extension wasn't "active", it does seem do to something causing any "Discourse" forums to become unusable. Disabling the extension fixes the issue.

I'll have to dig deeper into the extension itself to see what's causing it. it shouldn't mess with a webpage if its not even active, so somethings wrong in the extension itself.