Flat precompiled files?

Is there any directory of the core Open Zeppelin Solidity contracts that are flattened into single files? For example, the ERC721.sol contract imports about 5 other files, but it can be helpful for contract validation on etherscan and other places.

Maybe this could its own little library? I get that one big file is less readable but in several situations it can be helpful.

Hmm, no we don’t provide flattened files. But it’s pretty easy to make them yourself by using truffle-flattener for example. It’s what I always use when I need to validate on Etherscan or test something on Remix.

I’d be against having a separate library with flattened files because it will be an added effort to maintain, and more things that can go wrong, or be out of sync, etc.

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Can you please offer better documentation then on how to use the flattener in combination with the new oz CLI tool? I am attempting to use it but I have my project setup for using your tools not truffle.

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Nevermind, I found some more info on more recent posts about using oz verify.


Glad to hear @Skyler_Fly, whould you mind sharing it in here so anyone else looking for it can find them easily :slight_smile:

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@Skyler_Fly I’ve been having a hard time with flattening OZ. Do you happen to have the flat version online somewhere?

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Hi @JayM,

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I recommend the following process: Verify smart contract inheriting from OpenZeppelin Contracts

If you get stuck, please create a new topic and ask the community for help.