Fether, solve Ethernaut challenges locally

Hey all!

I have recently discovered foundry, which is a smart contract development framework that is very interesting, I would suggest everybody to have a look at their projetct: https://github.com/foundry-rs/foundry

For that reason, I started to solve locally Ethernaut challenges using foundry, this is called "Fether" (Foundry + Ethernaut) and is available here: https://github.com/iFrostizz/fether.
It was a way for me to introduce myself to the framework, but I think that it may be useful for some of you, as I'm planning to make it more interactive using rust with a CLI that I've already started, but same, I'm still a beginner with this language.

Is there anybody that would be interested to contribute, or just to solve them using the repo just to have a feedback, and know if it could be useful for anyone in any way ?

Thanks, and have a wonderful day