Feature Request - add GraphQL client dependency to Autotasks

This is a feature request to add a GraphQL client library like graphql-request to the Autotask dependencies so tasks can interact with The Graph.


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I should add it’s possible to call The Graph using the axios package that is already an Autotask dependency. But given how popular The Graph is with Ethereum apps, I think it’d be good to add a GraphQL client

Hey @naddison36! Thanks for the request. We’re already adding @apollo/client in the next release (early next week). Would that work for you? We can also add graphql-request as well if you think it’d useful.

Also, keep in mind you can use webpack or rollup if you need to bundle any dependencies not currently available in the Autotask environment. But we’re always happy to make it easier by adding deps common to the web3 space, so keep the requests coming! :slight_smile:

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Thanks @spalladino. Yes, @apollo/client will do. Although I would have thought it would be overkill for short lived Lamda functions. The React integration would not be needed hence my suggestion to use graphql-request. But I’m not a GraphQL expert so will just use what’s available.

I’ll check out the webpack doco.

Good point, graphql-request is much more lightweight than apollo-client. So…