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Hi all,
Recently i purchase some video nft in ethereum mainnet but it doesn't not show video.i have seen many images nft in etherscan for mainnet with images but none with video playing nft.token attributes and video both are not parsed in etherscan but when I tried with same metadata on goerli and connected on opensea. Data is parsed and reflection. Any idea why it is happening this way

Refer detail below


Token metadata
{"productId":"631ab26eb7a08600373c564c","rank":682,"couponCode":"","isUnlocked":false,"name":"Revered Ground","description":"The second NFT in Drop 2 features a white Huracán STO traveling through a forest. Trees morph into a bull.\n\nAutomobili Lamborghini, NFT Pro and INVNT.ATOM presents an unparalleled curated series of NFT drops that offers fans, collectors, enthusiasts and the crypto community the opportunity to collect the ultimate set of digital collectibles and experience an epic Automobili Lamborghini road trip. Drop 2 in Lamborghini's ‘The Epic Road Trip’ series is ‘Lamborghini on my mind’.","attributes":[{"trait_type":"Publisher","value":"NFTPro"},{"trait_type":"Brand","value":"Automobili Lamborghini Spa"},{"trait_type":"NFT ARTIST/CREATOR","value":"NFT PRO/INVNT.ATOM"},{"trait_type":"CAR MANUFACTURER","value":"Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A."},{"trait_type":"CAR MODEL","value":"Huracán STO"},{"trait_type":"ENGINE","value":"V10, 90°, MPI (Multi Point Injection) + DSI (Direct Stratified Injection)"},{"trait_type":"BRAND","value":"Lamborghini"},{"trait_type":"BRAND LINK","value":""},{"trait_type":"MARKET LINK","value":""},{"trait_type":"TERMS OF USE","value":""},{"trait_type":"COPYRIGHT","value":"Copyright © 2022 Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A. a sole shareholder company part of Audi Group. All rights reserved. VAT no. IT 00591801204"}],"animation_url":""}

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hope you got solution?

What app are you using to view the video, metamask, trustwallet?

For a similar video nft, the json contains: "animation_url": ""

I am directly checking in etherscan

Its not parsing token data or playing video

you need to use app to be able to see the video or image. I personally use trustwallet app to view my nft image or video.

Why it is not showing video in etherscan and also not parsing attributes. Is there any specific reason. Customers normally use opensea and etherscan to view nft details including nft view tab to check details association with nft

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was able to view the video via the animation_url, a moving car on the road.

the problem may be on the end of etherscan or there may be need to reduce number of element in the json link.