Eth-gas-reporter with Proxies using Buidler

Hi @abcoathup

I’m facing the same issue @wmitsuda described a while ago (Using eth-gas-reporter with OpenZeppelin SDK proxies). My reports are empty.
Digging a bit, I’ve found on eth-gas-reporter GitHub that it supports proxy pattern contracts via the proxyResolver config option. However if it is not an EtherRouter pattern you must pass a custom function. Here the default function for EtherRouter.

Is the “OZ upgrades proxy” ABI compatible with the “EtherRouter”? Should I need to create my own custom function? If so, I wouldn’t mind to open a PR on eth-gas-reporter with that function, but I will need some hints.

Many thanks

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A quick update.
It seems I wasn’t calling eth-gas-reporter properly. It just requires --network localhost, and OZ upgrades are handled by default.

Buidler plugin GitHub issue discussion
My repo if anyone is interested in the set up.


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Hi @vnavascues,

Thanks for sharing. :pray:

I was able to run on Truffle. So glad that you can run on Buidler.

I tried to run the tests on your repo but had errors so I didn’t go any further.