Escrow, PullPayment deprecated in 4.0?

Hi - just a quick question: Were the Escrow and PullPayment contracts deprecated in 4.0 or are they moved and I’m just not seeing them?

Thank you.

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Hello @kev,

As it is (not really clearly) shown in scripts/migrate-imports.js, here are the new locations

  • payment/escrow/ConditionalEscrow.solutils/escrow/ConditionalEscrow.sol
  • payment/escrow/Escrow.solutils/escrow/Escrow.sol
  • payment/escrow/RefundEscrow.solutils/escrow/RefundEscrow.sol
  • payment/PaymentSplitter.solfinance/PaymentSplitter.sol
  • payment/PullPayment.solsecurity/PullPayment.sol

We considered deprecating some of these, and proposing new ones that would make more sens in today’s defy in the finance folder.

If you are a user of any of these, and if you have ideas for new “finance related” contracts, please let us know !!!

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thanks @Amxx !
Best, Kev

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Hi @kev,

Welcome to the community :wave: