Errors occurred while calling deposit function in MasterChef on Binance smart chain

Hi, Community!
I have a problem while using masterchef smart contract.

This is the masterchef contract.

And this one is the own token.
I added lp on masterchef.

After adding lp address to masterchef contract I tried to deposit lp tokens.
But I had this error.
Please help me.

Hi, for the error message: Invalid parameters: must provide an Ethereum address seems like there is something wrong with your wallet, do you metamask? and has it connected?

As for the latest error: Binance Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | BscScan, caller is not the contract owner, please check your account address.

Thanks @Skyge
I used metamask and it was connected.
And another bug has appeared.

And deposit() function can only be called by owner?

Not sure for your code, but the error message is.

@Skyge thanks. I still have this error.

What is wrong?

I am not the owner of the chief, so I can not have a try, but I think you can have a look at these test case