Error: Wrong network, please connect to Rinkeby when creating Admin Action Proposal

Admin Action Creation Error

I am trying to create an admin action against a erc721 contract deployed on the Rinkeby network and get an error. "Error: Wrong network, please connect to Rinkeby"

:computer: Environment
Defender - Create Admin Action

Contract: 0xA61D4ea4584B4A68416FAf64E28387Bd2F395e9a
Multisig: 0x66d9502Dd6185C69Aa7A681dd1DCE5e7107258E2

:1234: Code to reproduce
In Defender...

  1. New Proposal -> Admin Action
  2. Enter pause function
  3. Specify Multisig and enter the above address
  4. Specify name

Submit results in "Error: Wrong network, please connect to Rinkeby"

Hi @metalhead,

Thank you for getting in touch.

Usually that error message will appear if your metamask wallet is not connected to the right network. Can you confirm the network you’re connected to on metamask is actually Rinkeby?

You can verify if it's the same wallet address you use for deployment and if your metamask points to rinkeby network

Thank you! I figured out the issue. I am using Safari as my main browser, but it does not support MetaMask. So, I created my multisig in Defender on FireFox independently. I didn't understand that there is a connection to MetaMask button in Defender as it did not show up in Safari at all. I tried the creation in FF and saw the button in the upper right hand corner to connect. After that connection was made, the creation worked!