ERC721 - how do I projects generate thousands of random images based on changing the characteristics?

ERC721 - how do I generate nfts from different characteristics? Like punks, apes, bored bananas, wicked craniums...

Do these projects only generate all of the 1000s of images at first mint? Or are they already created and stored somewhere?

Do they actually create the image or is it stored as separate elements that only puts it all together when someone calls a function to see that image

I believe these projects are created using erc721 contracts

:1234: Code to reproduce

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All of the approaches that you described are in use by different projects.

A project like CryptoPunks generated all 10,000 images and associated them to their ids before they sold the NFTs on chain.

Other projects such as those hosted on Art Blocks work by uploading an algorithm on chain that generates the image when it is minted, based on a random number that is generated in that moment.

Art Blocks is really cool but it is a lot more technically difficult to implement that approach.

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