ERC721 how direct function to read one by one files from specific folder in project root directory

am finish "solidity path from cryptozombies course" and watch numbers of video tutorials, but can not find how i can make the contract read image from folder in project root directory.

1- there's "x" number of images files that stored in folder called images in project root directory.
2- try create function that will go to folder in project root directory, let's assume it called "images". then convert them to base64.

3- next function do what i mention above, but i can not find how direct it to this specific folder that called "images" to read from it the images?

function svgToImageURI(string memory svg) public pure returns (string memory) {
        string memory baseURL = "data:image/svg+xml;base64,";
        string memory svgBase64Encoded = Base64.encode(bytes(string(abi.encodePacked(svg))));
        return string(abi.encodePacked(baseURL,svgBase64Encoded));

thanks in advance.