Function input "bytes calldata"

What is supposed to be in the "signature" input box? The code for the "deposit"-function and the "validate signature"-function are below. I deployed a similar contract without the "calldata" part and it worked perfectly fine, however, I was missing some information. But I just can not figure out what is supposed to be in that box or how to derive it. Many thanks in advance.

function deposit(

      address contractAddress,

      uint256[] memory tokenIds,

      bytes calldata signature

    ) public nonReentrant {

      require(!depositPaused, "Deposit paused");

      require(stakingLaunched, "Staking is not launched yet");


        contractAddress != address(0) &&

        contractAddress == address(CBCNft),

        "Unknown contract"


      ContractTypes contractType = _contractTypes[contractAddress];


        if (tokenIds.length > 0) {





        ), "Invalid data provided");

        _setTokensValues(contractAddress, tokenIds);


      Staker storage user = _stakers[_msgSender()];

      uint256 newYield = user.currentYield;

      for (uint256 i; i < tokenIds.length; i++) {

        require(IERC721(contractAddress).ownerOf(tokenIds[i]) == _msgSender(), "Not the owner");

        IERC721(contractAddress).safeTransferFrom(_msgSender(), address(this), tokenIds[i]);

        _ownerOfToken[contractAddress][tokenIds[i]] = _msgSender();

        if (user.currentYield != 0 ) {

          newYield += getTokenYield(contractAddress, tokenIds[i]);


        if (contractType == ContractTypes.CBC) { user.stakedCBC.push(tokenIds[i]); }



      user.currentYield = newYield;

      emit Deposit(_msgSender(), contractAddress, tokenIds.length);

      function _validateSignature(
      bytes calldata signature,
      address contractAddress,
      uint256[] memory tokenIds
      ) internal view returns (bool) {
      bytes32 dataHash = keccak256(abi.encodePacked(contractAddress, tokenIds));
      bytes32 message = ECDSA.toEthSignedMessageHash(dataHash);

      address receivedAddress = ECDSA.recover(message, signature);
      return (receivedAddress != address(0) && receivedAddress == signerAddress);