ERC20 Token mint on MoonbaseAlpha is not showing name or ticker?


I am trying to make simple ERC20 Token and delpoy it on Moonbase Alpha using Wizzard/Remix.

After doing it I can't see the token name or ticker shown on explorer or in MetaMask


Tried it out few times and I haven't got any succes of doing it, not sure is it needed to verify contract or I am doing some steps wrong.


Appreciate generous assistance on this one really helpful....

Fixed on MoonbaseAlpha but now it's not working on mainet (Moonbeam).

Same settings nothing changed deploying same contract but Name or Ticker is not showing off.

hey @Lucky0ne! the second image you attached in the first post shows balances of tokens on Etherscan -- after deploying the contract, you have to call the mint function to get mint tokens. Once you have some tokens, you should see your balance on the Etherscan dropdown.

If you are still having issues, share any errors/reverts here.

Moonbeam dev's confirmed me issue is on their side, with next runtime update (at start of July) it would be resolved. Thanks