Token holders not showing on mainnet

I got a problem which I can’t understand the reason. Made an erc20 token, and deployed it on testnet Here everything goes fine and works as expected, But when I deployed it on mainnet, the block explorer shows holders are 0 Also holders tab is empty. And in addition, tokens are displayed on metamask, but not visible in the token holder wallet on the block explorer.

Is there anybody who knows the problem?? It is very weird for me. Cause it’s okay on testnet but not on mainnet!

I searched for it on google, but there are just a few results about the problem, and those are just saying about Transfer event and emitting it for minting the token. This is not my case, cause I have all the events and checked them hundred times.

Here is the link:

and here is the token code:

I cross my fingers hoping someone helps me get this solved🙏

There is a problem with bscscan. Holders are not counted in newly deployed contracts. There is also a problem with the balances. No problem on the BSC network. Caused by the bscscan website.

So what is the solution?

Waiting for the bscscan team to fix the issue.

I have the same issue, could you point towards a official location with described bug.

Just to have a prober reference from official channels, I assume that’s where you got the information ?

It seems there is currently a technical issue on showing new tokens balances causing this problem(as bscscan is notifying on top of their website.
Also i checked some other new generated tokens, and saw they have same problem. many transfers but 0 holders.)