ERC20 Ownable - changeName or changeSymbol (Solidity 0.8)

Continuing the discussion from Changing name of ERC20 token in OpenZeppelin Contracts 3.x:

Hi there, ive been through both threads and i'd like to revive this conversation in 2022 - with the new OpenZeppelin repositories for ownable claims on 0.8

There now exists this below "ownable" repository below for master (version 4.6 on 11/4/2022, I believe).


But unfortunately, it doesnt seem to have many functions in it and there dont seem to be any functions about changing name or symbol.

I dont understand the moral hazard of a changeSymbol function, the contract address is the real bottom line to identify the asset. For what I'm trying to do regular symbol change is entirely necessary.

"name" and "symbol" are ERC20 concepts. Ownable has nothing to do with this.

If you want the ability to change name and symbol in an ERC20 token you have to add storage variables and override the name and symbol methods.