ERC20 functions to update symbol and name, in case of trademark enforcement action

Eventhough token names and symbols are not guaranteed to be unique, some projects are trademarking ERC20 names and symbols. So supplying functions to update the private variables seems to be a good thing to do going forward. This avoids having to perform a contract upgrade, or contract migration - in the case that the project is subjected to a trademark enforcement action.

The Paxos project decided to change the name and symbol for their stablecoin, and upgraded their contract. If the only reason for the upgrade was the name and symbol changes, then having the functions would have been more convenient.

Any ERC20 contracts in the wild that do this?

Any reason not to have functions to update name and symbol, assuming they can only be invoked by the contract owner?


Not all contracts have owners. In fact, most ERC20 are trustless and don't have any form of owner/admin.
We do not provide them by default, because changing the name and symbol is non standard & non documented. If this is a feature you want, it is not hard to add it yourself by overriding the name and symbol functions