ERC20 and WETH interface

Hi friends excuse me could someone help me out? I am working with brownie and i want to know the balance of my address in the WETH contract when i go to etherscan

I saw that the contract is a little bit diferent regarding the OpenZeppelin implementation of the ERC0.sol. For example in weth the balanceof is a varible and in OpenZeppelin is a function.

The question is how do i interact with this contract ? if i use the interfaces of OpenZeppelin this can work ? or i have to generate a diferent interface for weth?

Thanks for reading

Well the IERC20 interface is universal and can be used on most ERC20 tokens.

the solidity compiler generates getter functions for public variables address public a generates the getter function a() returns (address)

the IERC20 interface works for ERC20 calls, You will still need to use the interface for WETH to wrap/unwrap (methods deposit and withdraw)

Thanks guys i will try right now