Erc1155 as governance token

Is there a special reason why there is no official governor implementation that works with erc1155 tokens? Has that been tried already / did anyone fail badly while trying it or is it highly discouraged for any reason that I’m not seeing?

Technically an 1155 „instance“ can actually behave very much like an erc20, provided that the governor can trust the contract to not mixup the individual decimals.

Hey @elmariachi111,

The main reason is that the ERC1155 is too complex of an implementation to integrate with the Governor out of the box. Note that the ERC1155 doesn't include a totalBalanceOf(address) function, which difficults accounting.

Similarly, because there are multiple types of token within an ERC1155, there's no mechanism in which the Governor may decide voting powers based on token id, and it's probably the first reason why someone would use ERC1155 with the Governor.

Agree the ERC1155 can act as an ERC20 or an ERC721, but perhaps forcing it to do so is redundant and possibly a big assumption to have it in the library.

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