Question about using Governor and NFTs

Apologies if this is the wrong space, but there was no better one I saw in which to discuss Governor.

I'm part of a DAO that would like to use NFTs as part of its governance structure, and my question is: Can specific NFTs be retroactively assigned a governance role, or is that utility only in one direction (forward)? Thank you!


Very cool! What kind of Role would the NFTs have? The Governor allows for voting, would you want a NFT holder to be able to vote, or have some sort of power beyond voting?

We'd like each NFT "series" to have some weighting utility. So everyone can vote, but "NFT v1" has more voting power than "NFT v5." And to be able to assign that weight retroactively.

So maybe the NFT's vote weight depends on it's token ID? Can there be more than one NFT v1?

If by retroactively you mean that the NFT contract is already deployed, then doing governance safely is going to be tough because a token used for voting needs to have a built-in mechanism to prevent double voting. A normal NFT contract would be vulnerable to a situation where someone can vote twice or more by transferring their token to multiple accounts and voting once from each account.

We definitely plan to offer this built in mechanism in an "ERC721Votes" extension together with a corresponding Governor module. But it will only work for ERC721 contracts deployed with that module included, or existing contracts that can upgrade to include it.

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Yep! It would be a governance ranking