ERC-721: Batch minting 1000 NFTs in Remix with automated metadata during minting

So before starting, just wanted to say I'm a newbie and have used Remix a couple times before to make ERC20 tokens.

I created a bunch of NFTs and have uploaded them to IPFS, so each image has a corresponding ipfs hash.

Now the question:

  1. How to batch mint 1000 of these NFTs so that they end up as a "Collection" on Opensea (like cryptopunks)

  2. I was looking at Cargo's product, but was unsure whether they will automatically appear as a "Collection" in Opensea

  3. How to tag each NFT with its corresponding unique ipfs hash? which I'm assuming should go by tokenID but then ipfs hash are kind of random, and doesn't go by incremental value (1,2,3, so on)

For your third question see my post here and the subsequent replies:

I don't really know what collections are exactly on OpenSea. I suggest browsing OpenSea documentation and potentially asking about that in their Discord server.

For batch minting, we don't have a simple solution. But you can write a contract and call _mint in a loop in your constructor. This will be more expensive than it technically needs to be, but as I there's no simple cheaper alternative right now.

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