Don't know how to link up my Eth wallet with OpenZeppelin

Hi guys!

Im working through your tutorial and everything was going great. I added test funds with the faucet, created the whole Box.sol stuff and am able to "npm run compile" everything.

However when I go to deploy (with a valid deploy.js) on rinkeby I get the error that I'm out of funds. Which is kinda logical since I've never hooked up any wallet! I did hook up my whole Alchemy account inside the hardhat.config.json and even connected my Alchemy with my MetaMask! I also used the faucet to get 7.5 Eth on my wallet...

The guide says to use the "mnemonics" package to generate an Eth account but all it does it spit out 12 words really...

I've tried a LOT and am 99% sure that I did not miss any steps.

Any help would be amazing as you can probably read I'm pretty lost at this point.