Does openzeppelin provides an oracle to interact with web2 data?

I have a question , is openzeppelin provide a solution that can let the smart contract to post request a data via an API something like in javascript but inside solidity ?

I heard about oracle smart contracts and i heard that chainlink can solve the issue but the main issue here that chainlink gas fees is too high for a single transaction to proceed , is there a solution that openzeppelin provide , or can i code that myself from scratch ?

We don't provide oracles but you may be able to build your own oracle using OpenZeppelin Defender, although you will be introducing trust assumptions.

Thank you for answer , but can you please explain how can i build my own oracle and what do i need to do to make it work, also is there some fees i have to pay and is there a limitations if i made an oracle ?

By using Defender Autotasks you should be able to listen to requests on-chain and provide an answer using Defender Relay. This is essentially an oracle. We don't have a guide for this specifically.