Does OpenZeppelin have a public API?


I think this is in the right category. I am looking to see if OpenZeppelin has a public API. I'd like to build a web2 app but need a way to get access to the different imports and functions that OpenZeppelin has to offer.

Thank you

You don't need that in your web2 app, instead you need web3 or etherjs to interact with your solidity smart contract on the Blockchain

There is no public API. OpenZeppelin Contracts is a Solidity library that can help you build your smart contracts.

I'm not actually trying to build something on the blockchain. I'd like to build a tool so that you can type in the import you're looking for, say Ownable , and then I can see the import name: import "@openzeppelin/contracts/access/Ownable.sol"; as well as other functions.

You can get this information from the npm package or GitHub repository.

Okay you can create an npm package to work like that