Developer wanted, need a full NFT contract, migrating old NFT tokens to new

We want a whole NFT contract that mints a NFT to the corresponding id a wallet holds.. So if they hold token id 200 they receive the same id token. But we are changing how the ids are numbered. Simply by starting at id #10,000 - and working up from there. (example: a wallet currently holds Id# 0, Id#1, Id #200, ID#7301 - When they go to interact with the contract they mint ID#10000, ID#10001, ID#10200, ID#17301 and burn the old tokens.)

Need it so they can mint all at once so if they hold multiple tokens they can interact with it one time and save on gas. It is an ERC 721A token. IPFS hosted.

URI prefix:

The following is just a simple code snippet.

interface OldNft {
    function burn(tokenID) onlyMintRole {}

interface NewNft {
    function mint(tokenID) onlyMintRole {}

contract Migrate {
    erc721 old;
    erc721 new;

    function migrate(uint256 []tokenIDs) public {
        for( i = 0; i < len(tokenIDs); i++) {
            // basic check
   + tokenIDs[i]);
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I have done this on multiple platforms. I just deployed one on BSC chain, I can also customize it to work with any network. You can check the recent deploy one.

Please, change to BSC testnet, if you want, I can deploy the ether version.

You can chat me on
telegram: Isofttechn

Sorry I misworded that, we need a contract with a claim function not a mint. Same thing as the 0xApes trilogy contract except we don't need the mint section of it. We need a transfer to burn address / claim function for the new I.D.

Would you be against writing a full contract? And how much would you charge? We are a community trying to recover from a rug pull, want to create a brand new contract to migrate to a smart contract we have ownership of.

This is the old contract:
(first token id here starts at 0)

And we would like to move to a contract that looks like this: [0xApes Trilogy contract]

(we would like first token id to start at 10,000 like you snipped)

Hello, I have done ths for the last project I deployed.
Go this website:
Change it to testnet try to upload some NFTs and buy with another account, you'll be able to claim the sold NFTs funds from the owners wallet.
You can chat me up if you find it useful.

telegram: Isofttechn

Hello, as a senior blockchain developer, I am very interested in your posting.
can we work together?
my telegram id


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Hello, we are interested in talking with you. Would you like to work together? Can you dm me? Thank you

Sorry, I just saw your message, if your problem is still unresolved, you can contact me.
telegram: Jornathon

That'd be great, thank you. I sent you a message on telegram just now. Hope to talk soon.

All the best