Developer wanted NFT smart contract - Paid

Want a full NFT smart contract with a claim function that mints the corresponding id and sends old nft token to burn address. Same thing as the 0xApes trilogy contract, we are needing a new contract to migrate to. We need a transfer to burn address / claim function for the new I.D.

So if they hold token id 200, they receive the same id token. But, we are changing how the ids are numbered. Simply by starting at id #10,000 - and working up from there. (example: a wallet currently holds Id# 0, Id#1, Id #200, ID#7301 - When they go to interact with the contract they mint ID#10000, ID#10001, ID#10200, ID#17301 and burn the old tokens.)

We are a community trying to recover from a rug pull, want to create a brand new contract to migrate to a smart contract we have ownership of.

This is the old contract:
(first token id here starts at 0)

And we would like to move to a contract that looks like this : [0xApes Trilogy contract]


I send a pm to you

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Hello, I am very interested in your posting.
can we work together?
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Hi asato.
Would you send me a dm on this website? We are very interested in your response and working together. Thank you for reaching out.

Hello, thanks for your reply.
how can I dm you?
I am new to this site.

Hello. if you are still looking for proffesional help for your contract, send a message to my telegram.

Very much interested
Telegram @blackluv10