Developer Wanted: Create a burnable and staking token


I am new to the process of coding a token.
I wish to create a token with a 5% tax on each sell (on uniswap), 2.5% of it would be burned and the other 2.5% would be sent to an adress (pool) witch would then be used to finance the staking.

Can a dev help me to create this project for a payment?

Thanks for your attention. I’m looking forward to your reply.


Hi @genesis24,

I suggest looking at Points to consider when creating a fungible token (ERC20, ERC777), especially potential issues with deflationary tokens.

Hi. Perhaps I can interest you in a turnkey solution I’ve already built. The thing is, burning only on ‘sell’ would mean editing uniswap contracts, and I don’t think you want to create your own version of uniswap.

The best bet is to burn tokens when someone unstakes or collects staking rewards.

Contact me and I can go over the specifics.


Hi @genesis24,

Please see the response from @Daoud. :point_up:

Hello I’m interested by your offer. Already worked on a similar project . Can you pm me this is my email


– Try to create your own ERC20 token with customisable smart-contract generator. NO CODE required. No sign-up required. It allows you to deploy to testnet first and when happy deploy to mainet. So a good way to explore what you want to build.

You can then add to Uniswap or MetaMask with just a few clicks. Have fun trying give it a go!

We can also provide custom development and able to help integrate on platforms or exchanges. :+1:


Hi, Is it possible to create an ERC20 with Coinmechanic and make it upgradeble?

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Hey hey @DamnMarone

Not really, I don’t think it has upgreadeability feature…

This is good:

Here is a variation with upgradeability: Truffle Upgrades on Windows: Error: Artifacts are from different compiler runs

Are you getting rich quickly? :innocent:


Hi are you part of the team from Coinmechanic? need to speak with a member as i am having issues with a token i created on the site, Thanks.

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Can you please email me? working on a token as well

Interested +1 843 345 8305 WhatsApp

can i get your contact