Devcon 5 - Osaka Japan - 8-11 October 2019

Devcon 5


Wave 1: Devcon tickets

Check for your local timezone and that your payment methods work.
(I was running around trying different credit cards to buy my wave 1 ticket last year)

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Does anyone know if they will notify of builder discounts before this first wave?


Hi @tobyjaguar I assume they may not have done them all by the time wave 1 opens.

Suggest you contact the Devcon team to get the official answer.

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Wave 1 information

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Applications for Speakers, Builders & Students re-open for a short window 29th July - 4th August.

Submit all Speaker applications and request Student/Builder discounts at

Applications for Speakers, Builders and Students have reopened for one final week.
Wave 2 coming soon (next week).

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DeVcon Wave 2 tickets:

Devcon Wave 3 tickets:

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Devcon Wave 3 tickets and beyond:

Devcon ticket lottery and auction:

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Final appeals:

All events outside of Devcon 5 Osaka:

Devcon Osaka spreadsheet

Announcement channel for all events: @OsakaEvents on Telegram

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Hi @nickdyk, Thanks for sharing and welcome to the community :wave:
Are you part of Offdevcon?

Devcon 5 Agenda: