Dev wanted to join a DeFi project

Hi, I am looking for a DEv to join my project as a core member.
The goal is to build a DeFi product (smart contract expanding), a Dex with staking pools, farming (similar to biswap or pancake swap) and a lottery.

The main goal is for everyone involved to make a living from the project.
This means that the salary for all participants will depend on the success.

We have already started and have some following, so it is not a start from scratch.

If you are interested get in touch.

Hello, This is Milo Point from Canada.
As a senior blockchain developer, I want to participate to your project.

These are my previous working.
Please contact @milopoint in Telegram. Thanks


I have done the same DeFi project.

TG : @anydevbest
Skype : live:.cid.588439c6887bd701

I'd be interested in this opportunity as well. Please feel free to reach out to me at

Hi im interested, if you are still looking reach me at @donut97 in telegram

Hey, I can't find you at tg


Hope you are well!

I am interested in what you are looking for and accomplished many projects from scratch.
If you are still looking so please reach me over
Skype and email for more discussion.

Skype:- nicole_15269