Co-founder DeFi project wanted

Hey guys!

I'm Alex, 21yo and working full time on a DeFi project.
I started 2 months ago and I'm realising that there is quiet a lot of work that has to be done yet.
In my eyes, it's a big, promising project and I wanna do it right.

The most difficult work, I believe, is already done.
I already have the layout and some of the content of the website, the smart contracts are almost done.
I'm a full-stack dev and looking for another one :wink: .

I'm looking for a motivated, highly-skilled, full-stack dev that wants to co-found the project.
The roadmap is already done, so you'll have a good idea of what's next.

Please send me some of your projects in reply or to my email: .
We'll discuss the project further in private.

Have a great day!

Reach out to me on Telegram: I might be able to help lighten the load.