Deploying to ropsten: “Migrations” – only replay-protected (EIP-155) transactions allowed over RPC

“Migrations” – only replay-protected (EIP-155) transactions allowed over RPC.

I’m getting this error while deploying to ropsten. How can I solve it?


Hi @Milan-99,

Can you try another test network e.g. Rinkeby, Kovan or Goerli?
What provider are you using?

Berlin upgrade is being made on Ropsten today (though it hasn’t happened yet):

I get the same using Alchemy on Ropsten but can deploy to Rinkeby.

$ npx truffle migrate --network ropsten

Compiling your contracts...
> Everything is up to date, there is nothing to compile.

Starting migrations...
> Network name:    'ropsten'
> Network id:      3
> Block gas limit: 8000029 (0x7a121d)


   Deploying 'Migrations'

Error:  *** Deployment Failed ***

"Migrations" -- only replay-protected (EIP-155) transactions allowed over RPC.

    at /home/abcoathup/projects/forum/box/node_modules/truffle/build/webpack:/packages/deployer/src/deployment.js:365:1
    at process._tickCallback (internal/process/next_tick.js:68:7)
Truffle v5.2.3 (core: 5.2.3)
Node v10.23.2

There is an open Truffle issue:

I suggest using another public network or trying Hardhat.

error also started to appear for me today when deploying to ropsten… very unfortunate, will cost lot of time migrating everything to another testnet.

deployment to kovan works.

using Alchemy.

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Hi @Steve_Rus,

Welcome to the community :wave:

You could try using Alchemy who have made a work around:

Infura have also made the workaround