Deploy and verify token on BSC

Dear @abcoathup,

Do you have a post on how to deploy and verify this same contract con BSC?


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Dear @abcoathup,

I successfully deployed FilmVault.sol on BSC Testnet via ReMix. Please see :point_down:t2:

While searching on the forum regarding Verifying, I read on Unable to verify contract on Binance smart chain testnet (BSC testnet) - #4 by Prabhakaran that Hardhat Verify does not work on BSC.

  1. Is that correct?

Assuming that your statement below :point_down:t2: from Dec 2020 still holds true

I pursued Truffle Flattener as recommended on :point_down:t2:

and I got the following error :point_down:t2:

  1. Could you please advise on how to resolve this? that is, how to effectively verify OpenZeppelin 4.0 on BSC Testnet ?
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Hi @jaureguino,

It looks like you are having an issue flattening your contract, not sure why it doesn’t like abstract.

Dear @abcoathup,

  1. Have you been able to replicate the error by flattening the same contract via Truffle?

Such exercise would be able to pinpoint if this is an issue with OpenZeppelin 4.0 or not.

  1. If so, would you please escalate this issue within @OpenZeppelinTeam so that it can be addressed/fixed as soon as possible?



Dear @abcoathup,

After many and various types of unsuccessful attempts at deploying and verifying, I decided not to import from @openzepellin.

Therefore, I combined all the called contracts into FilmVault.sol and I was able to successfully deploy and verify as follows:

truffle compile --all

truffle migrate --network bsctest --reset

truffle run verify FilmVault@0xcbae593ef025ae6fedbd88d7dbbbc09ed747f3de --network bsctest

The result:

Thanks again for all your time and support.

Cheers and all the best!

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