Defender transactions are failing on Arbitrum after Nitro upgrade

We have an AUTOTASK integrated on Arbitrum that periodically calls a smart contract.

:computer: Environment
Using AUTOTASK connected to a Relayer on Arbitrum.

We have an issue with sending transactions on Arbitrum after the Nitro upgrade. Everytime a transaction is sent, it seems it passes gasprice as 0. Out smart contract are using tx.gasprice parameter that after the Nitro upgrade is always 0.

:1234: Code to reproduce

Hey @PANCE_ISAJESKI, I've just reviewed the gas prices being used for Arbitrum on Defender Relayers, and they are not zero (see an example tx here).

Now, If I understand correctly, the error you report is that the contract is reading a zero value out of tx.gasprice when executing the transaction, even if the tx in Arbiscan shows a non-zero gasprice. If that's the case, you'll need to follow up with the Arbitrum team, since the tx execution is independent from Defender.