Defender Sentinel "Undefined symbol" in function matching rule

Hi team! I'm attempting to setup a matching rule in Sentinel to help narrow down transactions and getting a message "Undefined symbol" when referencing an array of addresses from the function signature:

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I understand that there may be some data types that are not yet supported in rule matching, such as structs (as mentioned here: Defender Sentinel event/function matching rules for struct type). Is this the case for arrays?

I was able to test the condition on a specific block and it successfully returned expected results, so it seems to work. But the error is preventing me from continuing to the next screen.

Looking forward to your reply. Thanks in advance!

:1234: Code to reproduce

Hi @teamjp,

Thanks for reporting this issue. This data type is supported but there seems to be a small issue with parsing address arrays. I have logged this and we will look into fixing it.

Thank you @dylkil appreciate the quick response!

@teamjp, this has now been fixed. Thank you for bringing it to our attention.

Looks to be working perfectly now. Great job!

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