Defender Admin Api: retrive transaction hash related to 'custom' proposals

I'm currently using Open Zeppelin Defender Admin Api to submit a custom (e.g mint for an ERC20 token) proposals on Admin with Gnosis Safe.
Later I need to retrieve through APIs a transaction_hash related to the final minting transaction of that proposal: e.g the transaction of mint function of ERC token fired after all signers signed the proposal on Gnosis Safe UI or Admin dashboard.
I was looking on GET${contractId}/proposals/${proposalId} endpoint to get that kind of information but noticed that there are no such information.
Can I ask you if there is a way to archive that in Open Zeppelin Admin? If not, do you have any other suggestion on how we can retrieve the transaction_hash related to a transaction for a specific proposal?
Many thanks in advance :slight_smile:

@olich97 I've moved your post to the #support:defender category where the Defender team will see it.

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