DAO Contract

Hello everyone, I am creating an ilintelligent contract, for an NFT project, and at the same time I want to create a DAO and link it with this contract for the distribution of income! how to do please?

Hi @simono1. This is a very broad question. I suggest looking through our materials in the documentation and experimenting with Contracts Wizard.

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thank you for your return, in fact I was on the documentation and also on the magician, but I did not find the mechanism or the formula to make the connection between an NFT contract and a DAO contract!
I mean if there are 1 or 2 lines of code allowing the connection between the two contracts!?
Greetings !

You need to create a Governor instance and select ERC721Votes, then when you deploy the Governor you will pass in the address of the NFT as an argument to the constructor.

you can use the Contract Interface.