Cypherbabies ERC721 for human eggs donation

Hi everyone!
I participated at ETH Waterloo 2 and had the chance to deploy 9 Non Fungible Tokens using the Open Zeppelin library.

Here’s a link to the project page:

And to the slideshow presentation:

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Hi @itsencrypted,

Thank you so much for sharing your ETH Waterloo 2 project. :pray:

This project raises a lot to think about, the process of egg donation, storing of encrypted medical data in decentralized storage, selling anonymous medical data. Thanks again for sharing.

As an aside, I noticed in the repository that you didn’t seem to install OpenZeppelin Contracts. (See the documentation for details: I assume there was a reason for this.

I have it installed locally, but because I changed the names of some key variables (like _tokenowner became _donor), I simply copied the ERC721 from your token library. But, yes…it makes sense to have the correct repository path.

*to be improved …

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