Crypto Trends 27 April 2020


In my weekly report I include this section on Crypto Trends (Monday :australia:).
I check Crypto Twitter, r/Ethereum, along with Week in Ethereum News and EthHub (if they are out on when I compile my report, otherwise I use them to check for things I missed).

Crypto Trends

Hegic Options bug


MyCrypto on how to read an audit:
(in this case a 3 day security assessment which is different from an audit)

Coinbase Price Oracle

Cloudflare authorized signer on Rinkeby

Ethereum will never work

Most active GitHub users in Argentina

@frangio, @nventuro and @spalladino are all in the top 30:

Detailed News

For more detailed news of the week see:

Week in Ethereum News


  • OpenZeppelin Contracts 3.0
  • Using AccessControl.sol by Alberto Cuesta Cañada
  • Solidity Diamond Inheritance by @ylv-io
  • OpenZeppelin doubling down on security