Crypto Trends 20 July 2020

Crypto Trends

A summary of the crypto trends for the week.

Infinite Machine - history of Ethereum by Camila Russo

The book was released last week, I'm 80% through and loving it. Highly recommend. (I’ve been wanting a history for a while.)
It is a huge reminder of just how recent this history all was (2015 :smile:), with insights into the stories of so many of the key players.

The hardback edition isn't available until October in :australia: so I am having to read the Kindle version


Pure Austin Griffith bottled in a 3 minute video.
Inspiration for the buidlers and creators in us all. Well worth watching.

It's interesting to see the growing use of Buidler and (@PaulRBerg's) create-eth-app, also nice to see the use of smart contract hot loading to speed up the development feedback loop.

Twitter hack

For those not on Crypto Twitter, last week some high profile accounts were hacked and tweeted crypto scams (mostly send x bitcoin get 2x back).

Forty-five accounts had their passwords reset and the attacker sending tweets.
Over $100k in USD was sent to Bitcoin addresses tweeted in the hack

Twitter's update on the hack:

MyCrypto's postmortem:

As well the potential for harm given Twitter use by world and business leaders, and the lack of end to end encryption on DMs, I have since seen multiple discussions on the potential of decentralized social media. We need multiple clients for it to truly take off, so layer 2 scaling for frequent anchoring of batches of user actions on chain will likely be required.

Disclosure: I am a user of Peepeth, participated in the crowd funding, attended the retreat & became friends with the founder

For detailed news see: Week in Ethereum News, EthHub, The daily GWEI and What’s New in Eth2

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