Crowdsales ERC721

Hi, I am new in solidity and blockchain development :man_technologist:t3:

I have any questions about Crowdsale.

I am coding a new D-APP based on NFT, and I need to make them soldable inside my platform.

Crowdsale is for ERC-20, it could be used for ERC-721?

For now my smart contract make possibile create the new nft and store it.

User could sell the new Token.

How? With sell, or auction.
So they could set also a start time and end for auction.

When user buy a new NFT they could choose if let them in sold or not.

So the user could show in their account all NFT that own, without necessarily sold them.

Thank you so much for your help!

Are you talking about OpenZeppelin's Crowdsale contract? It's not really designed for NFTs. You could adapt it with some work, but I think it's best to write a contract from scratch.

Yeah, i am talcking about this:
I don't know if work with 4.x version...

Thank you for your answer.
The best practice will be: develop an smart contract for store information about nft, and other smart contract that store all information about transfer of this contract between users and transfer informations?

I didn't understand your summary very well. But I think it's in the right direction. One contract for the "crowdsale" and another for the NFT itself, is the pattern that we recommend.

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